Welcome to Behs Sumati Academy

Behs Sumati Academy was born out of the ideology that children must be given an environment that makes them want to come to school every day.

school facilities

Class Room

Behs Sumati Academy can boast of spacious, well-ventilated and excellently furnished classrooms to make the students learning comfortable and enjoyable.


We have a well-stocked library. The Reference Section has a variety of dictionaries and standard reference books on almost all topics in the curriculum.

Sports Facilities

An equal priority is given to sports along with academics. Our Campus encompasses myriad facilities for sports activities which will equip the students to gain.

Science Lab

Highly Sophisticated and fully equipped science lab provides an open environment for students to experience and gain practical Knowledge.

Computer Lab

The contemporary computer centre is the cynosure of Behs Sumati Academy for students to experience and gain computer practical Knowledge.

Co-Scholastic Activities

Smart class is a comprehensive solution designed to help teachers meet their day to day classroom challenges and enhance students academic.